I Have A Dream

Hey there my cosmic buddies, The weirdest thing happened to me the other day. I had this dream that I was leading a meditation in a room full of hundreds of people. The room was really peaceful. The sound of the placid ocean outside was drifting in through the windows. The room was warm and […]

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Busy doing nothing

Hey there Cosmic Love Dudes, I’ve been very busy lately doing what I do best. It is something that I have studied for decades now and have been practising daily¬†ever since I began studying it. I have become so good at this over the years that people travel from all over the world to sit […]

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Here Comes The Sun

Good tidings fellow Space Cadets. It has been a while since I have written a journal entry and recently you have had something of a musical interlude thanks to the STUFF boys, I hope you have enjoyed it. Now that Spring is here we have been very busy having a gigantic Spring clean here at […]

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Never Thought

We are proud to present Never Thought by Stuff (artists formerly known as Flux Ache, formerly known as Liss’n, formerly known as Seycheez……). Please see the previous post here as to the long and wonderful history between the boys and the Ashram. Enjoy.   Peace. Om. Chaka Khan Swami Cashinanda

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Good Stuff

Howdy fellow cosmic love dudes, As you may well know we have always had an influx of rock and roll stars gracing the grounds of the Ashram. Most famously Elvis came in the mid Sixties for a short stay while he weaned himself off his almost fatal addiction to puff pastry, he left a better […]

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