Losing My Religion

Howdy doody Cosmic Cousins, It has been quite surprising to me the increasing number of people who have come to stay at the Ashram over the last five or ten years. Obviously the ‘Cosmic Clowns’ are in great demand and it is very satisfying that the word about our good work is spreading rapidly. It’s […]

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Sole Man

Hey there my cosmic colleagues, Did you know that when I was younger I worked in a shoe recycling factory? It was sole destroying. No, I’m just kidding, it was really good. Feet and footwear play a huge part historically in how we feel about ‘our soul’. It has been pointed out to me on […]

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My Beautiful Launderette

I was in the ashram launderette the other day. Don’t be surprised by this, we all muck in together here and after all you know what they say: Before enlightenment, wash dirty underpants. After enlightenment, wash dirty underpants. And we all suffer with skid marks from time to time don’t we? (Cosmic, metaphoric ones – […]

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Truth Ache

The local dentist came to visit the ashram yesterday. It’s the day we fear each year. Yes even wise, old Swamis still have their fears and apprehensions you know. His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo is just terrible with the dentist. He says he has a really bad gag reflex. You should hear some of the gags […]

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Kiss and Make-up

Here at the Ashram we love a good sing song and every year we gather round to watch the Eurovision Song Contest and then we hold our own Innervision One-Song Contest. This year’s Eurovision Song Contest was particularly good we thought. My particular favourites were Azerbaijan and Greece. I thought the UK entrant was very […]

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