Busy doing nothing

Hey there Cosmic Love Dudes, I’ve been very busy lately doing what I do best. It is something that I have studied for decades now and have been practising daily¬†ever since I began studying it. I have become so good at this over the years that people travel from all over the world to sit […]

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Tea Awareness Day

Big ELLO! to all Mental guru here getting busy with the blogging business. Funny thing happened today. I was in the kitchens at the Ashram. I’d just got out of a meeting with his right honourable and revered holiness, the one and only Twango and his side kick the mystically mysteriously unexplainable Cash and had […]

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Careless Whispers

Konnichiwa ne e, Sri Twangybanjo comin atchya. Language is a funny old thing, even when we are speaking in our native tongues. How we speak and communicate with our fellow Earthians, I include all sentient beings here, can be a mine field at the best of times. It’s also one heck of a mind field!! […]

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