My Bloody Valantine !!

Happy wooden horse. Sri Twangy calling. Howard jones once asked me, “your holiness, what is love anyway, does anybody love anybody anyway?” I answered, “what’s love got to do with it?” Why, you may asks am I mentioning this here? Well that’s simple. In western tradition Saint Valentines day is coming up and I know […]

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Baby Boom

Mental Guru here saying Hi De Hi to all from the third rock gang! I’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks now – maybe more, I’m not sure:-/ You’ve probably been wondering why I’ve not been on the blog for a while, or you probably don’t even care (can’t blame you) or […]

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Are Friends Electric?

I am a bit of an angry Swami today I don’t mind admitting it and I feel like a good rant and moan. I went into the big city yesterday for a rare visit and had a thoroughly unpleasant day. Besides the young barista in a well known coffee chain putting cream in my black […]

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Non-Judgement Day

We had a Non-Judgement Day Carnival last week at the Ashram. I would like to say it was fantastic but I don’t want to pass judgement about Non-Judgement Day. That was kind of the problem with it to be honest. We all went about our day trying really hard not to judge things but in […]

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The Tears Of A Clown

Hello my fellow seekers of the self. Oh and all Smokey Robinson fans. We all at times play the clown but let’s face it some of use are funnier than others. Big deal, get over it! Some are born to cool, some are born to clean, some are born to ….well you choose! I jest! […]

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Every Breath You Take

Ola my Twangymeisters. I have been away for a short while attending a guru / swami convention. Yes we do have them. They are a little like Star Trek meets but with the real universe. Not much is actually voiced. We sit, we hum, we think about Om! Maybe we will compare cushions and incense. […]

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