No Hiding Place

Greetings fellow space travellers!! Mental Guru signing in on the happy starship -The One Song- as it travels through cyber space at speeds unimaginable…….. Yippey! So Twango and Cash had words with me. Said I should try this blog thing’ey. Stop hiding away in the ashram’s meditation room, saying nothing and doing nowt they said. […]

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Kiss and Make-up

Here at the Ashram we love a good sing song and every year we gather round to watch the Eurovision Song Contest and then we hold our own Innervision One-Song Contest. This year’s Eurovision Song Contest was particularly good we thought. My particular favourites were Azerbaijan and Greece. I thought the UK entrant was very […]

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Modem Love

Ola sweet banjoneestas So David Bowie once asked me “Is there life on Mars?” and I answered “On Ma’s what, David?” We are all trying to get by and who are we to judge how we do it? I am just a little confused by computer dating , love bytes and all. Are we so […]

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It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll

When Mick and Keith (Jagger and Richards to the musically ignorant) were hanging out at the Ashram in the Sixties, I noticed that they were finding it incredibly difficult to sit still and relax. Desperately in competition with The Beatles, Mick and Keith had set themselves a daily target of writing 32 new songs every […]

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What if God was One Of Us

“What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us, Just a stranger on the bus, Tryin’ to make his way home?” So sang Joan Osbourne, although she didn’t actually write the song. Without going into deep philosophical and religion debate about the existence and form that God takes, let’s just […]

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