My Bloody Valantine !!

Happy wooden horse. Sri Twangy calling. Howard jones once asked me, “your holiness, what is love anyway, does anybody love anybody anyway?” I answered, “what’s love got to do with it?” Why, you may asks am I mentioning this here? Well that’s simple. In western tradition Saint Valentines day is coming up and I know […]

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Everybody Hurts Sometimes.

Namaste mes amigos. It is only I, Twangybanjo. Wishing you good thoughts and peaceful meditations. So it’s a little bit like catch up time after all the winter festivals. Phew!!! Ok I have had one knee done, hope you keeping up. And the other knee op is on the way. I must admit that it […]

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Tea Awareness Day

Big ELLO! to all Mental guru here getting busy with the blogging business. Funny thing happened today. I was in the kitchens at the Ashram. I’d just got out of a meeting with his right honourable and revered holiness, the one and only Twango and his side kick the mystically mysteriously unexplainable Cash and had […]

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You Say It Best !!!

So Cashinanda tells me I am slipping with my blogs. “Get it out there,” he says.”Let people know you still there. Keep tickling!” He says. I say “say nothing if you really have nothing to say.” It’s a bit intense in the world at the moment. Keep your heads up and your heart open. Transition […]

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Losing My Religion

Howdy doody Cosmic Cousins, It has been quite surprising to me the increasing number of people who have come to stay at the Ashram over the last five or ten years. Obviously the ‘Cosmic Clowns’ are in great demand and it is very satisfying that the word about our good work is spreading rapidly. It’s […]

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