Love and why we all need it

A lot of people ask me “Swami, what it is all about? What are we here for? Why are we here?” I take a deep breath, look at them with one eyebrow raised (Roger Moore style) and offer them a four letter word, a word that many people find a terrible profanity but nevertheless sums […]

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Learning To Dance In The Rain

What’s the weather like where you are? Cloudy with a chance of meatballs? Slippery when wet? Anyway I’m not talking about the outdoor climate or conditions in your town or city. No, no, no, my friends. I’m talking about the grey clouds that might be gathering over your own head. The thunder storms not just […]

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Send In The Clowns

As you can see we have been on a very intense 4 month silent retreat hence the total lack of any communication. Until now nothing has inspired us to break that silence except for the news about Robin Williams. His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo has written the following words on behalf of everyone at the Ashram. […]

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Here Comes The Sun

Good tidings fellow Space Cadets. It has been a while since I have written a journal entry and recently you have had something of a musical interlude thanks to the STUFF boys, I hope you have enjoyed it. Now that Spring is here we have been very busy having a gigantic Spring clean here at […]

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Word On The Streets

Hi ya all Mental Guru here x Have you ever wondered about the wonderful magic of words? A good word in the right place can do amazing things! Like saying I love you at just the perfect moment can take a heart and turn it into jelly or start eyes pooling with water. Just the […]

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I Love You

Yippee, It’s my favourite day of the year, Valentine’s Day. It’s also my birthday which makes it even more special. The Ashram postman (who doesn’t know it’s my birthday) thinks I am a living legend with all the cards I receive on Valentine’s Day and I have to say I have unashamedly done nothing to […]

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