My Bloody Valantine !!

Happy wooden horse. Sri Twangy calling. Howard jones once asked me, “your holiness, what is love anyway, does anybody love anybody anyway?” I answered, “what’s love got to do with it?” Why, you may asks am I mentioning this here? Well that’s simple. In western tradition Saint Valentines day is coming up and I know […]

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Don’t Panic

Guys, Twangy here. I do not need to tell you it’s a very intense experience at the moment here on spaceship Earth. In these days of austerity, rising turmoil,price rises, World Cup qualifiers and conflict at home and abroad: : Syria, Egypt, Africa. Never mind the changes we go through individually. I am often chided […]

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No Body Does It Better

Greetings again my fellow journeyers of the universe. My good friend Swami Cashinanda got himself in to a bit of a tizzy the other day. I have told him about that black coffee he drinks. He is not the kind of guru to mince his words is our Cash. Sometimes, like all of us humans, […]

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Psychometric Likeability

Hi Dudearoneys!! So I found this blanket which folded up pretty nice and made a good cushion (Twango & Cash confiscated mine!). My next move was attempting to sneak into the meditation room, which turned out to be easy because Twango was busy running a class in the kitchens on how to make the perfect […]

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Ask Swami Part 1

Hey there fellow space travellers, How is it hanging? For me today it is hanging to the left but that could be because I am wearing no underwear. I have been inundated with letters and emails asking me all kinds of questions and so I thought I would answer them and share my incredible insight […]

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