Love and why we all need it

A lot of people ask me “Swami, what it is all about? What are we here for? Why are we here?”

I take a deep breath, look at them with one eyebrow raised (Roger Moore style) and offer them a four letter word, a word that many people find a terrible profanity but nevertheless sums it all up.


There, i’ve said it now.

Since time began we have tried to make sense of this mysterious, ethereal concept we call LOVE. We seek it, we want it, we need it but we can never seem to get too close to it, and yet we have all been touched by it at some point and in those moments everything was seemingly good.

LOVE has a lot to answer for and I can’t possibly even begin to touch properly on this in one sitting but perhaps we can have a bit of fun with it to begin with. Can you think of what L.O.V.E stands for?

Let Our Virtues Exist

Losing Our Virginity Everywhere

Living One Vibrational Energy

Legs Open Very Easy

Leave out Violence Everywhere

Living Our Vision Everyday

Liking Ourselves Virtually Everywhere

I don’t think Mental Guru understood the brief at all because when I asked him for an example of what L.O.V.E stood for he screamed “Look Out Volcano Erupting” and ran as fast as he could from the Ashram, returning a whole four days later looking disheveled and a little disorientated!

I’m interested to hear what you can come up with.

Peace. Om. Chaka Khan

Swami Cashinanda


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