Time is messing with our heads

I seem to be always apologising for my lack of correspondence over the last few months and it has been a while for sure but time is becoming less and less tangible these days and sometimes I really don’t know where the time is going.

I asked The Big Man/The Head Honcho about this during a meditation, and ten minutes later my Toy Story watch stopped working for the first time ever, (I have had that watch since the first Toy Story film came out.) Was that a sign or did I just need a new battery? You decide.

This got me thinking about time and what it really is. Scientists and astronauts have already proven that time is relative, so for example the further and faster you travelled out in space and returned to Earth then you could potentially return before you have even set off. Time just bends and twists once we break our Earth based space time continuum.

Time is just something we humans have made up to try and make some sense of things as they unfold before us. Our minds need something tangible to hold on to as they can’t function if they don’t have a PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE to grasp on to. So we call a day the time it takes our planet to revolve on it’s axis. The Egyptians then decided to break that day up into the figure of 24 hours based on counting finger joints on their 8 fingers (thumbs apparently didn’t count in Egypt), then those 24 hours into an even more random number of minutes and so on and so on.

If our ancestors had divided things up in any other way then we wouldn’t know any different and I might be sat here about to celebrate either just my third birthday or even my 300th birthday. So in these ways age is made up, time is made up.

If there were no more humans on the planet, could nature ever be late or would everything just be unfolding perfectly, beautifully as it should and without any external concept of early or late, Spring or Summer? Would squirrels know it’s Thursday? Would bananas ever pass their sell by date?

Woaah! Where did we just go there? That was some deep sheeeet.

What does it come down to? Relax. Chill out. Everything is unfolding perfectly, just as it should be. The best news is…you can never be late again. (Kids – don’t try fobbing this one of your teachers, it might not go down so well!).

Oh and yes, when I don’t seem to correspond for a while….it’s all in YOUR mind.

Peace. Om. Chaka Khan

Swami Cashinanda

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