Gymnasium for the soul

We received a strange gift the other week to the Ashram.

A very wealthy businessman whose wife had attended the Ashram earlier in the year decided to send us an entire gymnasium! We never asked for one and we hadn’t thought we needed it but he obviously did.

The day after a team of builders arrived and built us a fabulous building in the grounds of the Ashram overlooking the river that runs though the land and within a week the entire project was finished and we had a fully functioning gym on site. Ever since then I have never seen anything like it. The gym is filled morning to night with attendees sweating themselves into a stupor.

I watched them all the other day and they looked like mice stupidly running around a wheel as they pounded relentlessly and furiously on the treadmills and cross trainers working harder and harder but getting nowhere fast.

Gyms and fitness are BIG business these days and the desire for the ‘body beautiful’ has never been more intense, physical appearance is KING and our spirituality is being sent to the dungeons to wait for a beheading. I felt I needed to do something about it and so I created a series of lectures and classes called GymKHARMA.

They are great fun and it’s all about getting back your spiritual fitness.

We take the dumb out of dumbells and the cross out of cross training. All you need is a pair of shorts or a leotard and some trainers but don’t forget your innersoul. We don’t do one single push up – we only push inwards and you will have to learn to be patient because you won’t lift a single weight in our wait training class. As for endurance we only deal with INdurance.

And you know the greatest thing of all – the more you sort out your inner fitness the more your outer body will soon shape up and all those bad habits fall by the wayside naturally.

Are you ready to get meta Physical? Keep your eyes peeled for future posts on GymKharma.


Peace.Om. Chaka Khan


Swami Cashinanda


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