Busy doing nothing

Hey there Cosmic Love Dudes,

I’ve been very busy lately doing what I do best. It is something that I have studied for decades now and have been practising daily ever since I began studying it.

I have become so good at this over the years that people travel from all over the world to sit and listen to me teach them how to do it.

I have written books on it. Presented seminars. I have even appeared on television about it.

Anyone can do it but very few know how to. Those who try to do it often give up too soon and never learn how to do it properly.

You don’t need anything to do it with, no props or gadgets but yet still it eludes so many.

So what is this allegedly mysterious, elusive thing I describe…it’s nothing really.

No, that’s the answer…it’s nothing.

I have been busy doing nothing. Literally nothing. Just sitting.

No television, no books, no distractions whatsoever. Just simply sitting with me, myself and I.

It sounds easy doesn’t it?

Well go and give it a try and see how long you last before your monkey mind takes over.


In future posts I shall divulge my secrets as to how to do nothing successfully. But let me tell you one secret first…there are no secrets. It’s just you and your mind.


Peace. Om. Chaka Khan.

Swami Cashinanda

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