Good Stuff

Howdy fellow cosmic love dudes,

As you may well know we have always had an influx of rock and roll stars gracing the grounds of the Ashram. Most famously Elvis came in the mid Sixties for a short stay while he weaned himself off his almost fatal addiction to puff pastry, he left a better man if only later on he hadn’t fallen in with Colonel Sanders.

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were also well known for their stint at the Ashram later on in the Sixties and indeed some of their most famous songs were written and inspired by His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo, although he doesn’t like to talk about that very often. There is no question though of where the inspiration for the songs ‘Why don’t we do it in the road?’ and ‘Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey’ came from but let me tell you, what a night that was!

But the band who have been around the Ashram the longest and yet up until now have kept that relationship relatively private are the boys from Stuff. Stuff are more infamous than famous these days and after stupidly numerous name changes over the years it is a testament to their sheer determination and persistence that anyone at all knows what they are called and that they are still going.

His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo claims they are his greatest students of all time and he takes great pride and joy in listening to their music and hearing that they still have pure heart and soul.

The boys from Stuff have started to release songs from their back catalogue and vault and in true ONE SONG style they are making these available to the Universe for nothing, free, zilcho, zero, nada. Even better than that they have kindly nominated this very blog as the official launch pad for these recordings and so you can hear about them first here. We thank you boys for your generosity. So over the next few weeks and months keep checking back and you can get to hear a lot of Stuff and believe me it is all GOOD Stuff.


Peace. Om. Chaka Khan


Swami Cashinanda


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