Word On The Streets

Hi ya all

Mental Guru here x

Have you ever wondered about the wonderful magic of words?

A good word in the right place can do amazing things! Like saying I love you at just the perfect moment can take a heart and turn it into jelly or start eyes pooling with water. Just the right words can change a nation of people, like the famous words “free at last”(Nelson Mandela)or “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” Franklin D Roosevelt or most famous of all “I have a dream” Martin Luther King Jr.

See words are magic! But people forget the power of words sometimes and use them all willy nilly and out of context.

Worse still!! are the people who know the awesome power of words and use them to trick or deceive us. As always magic can be used for good or bad, and words in the mouth of a trickster can do a lot of damage. Breaking hearts, deceiving and hurting people or even putting the planet we live on at risk.

I say all this because some bad magic was played on me the other day. A trickster of words conned me and played me for a fool. It left my heart battered and bruised and turned what was meant to be a joyous and wonderful experience into a dark and frightening nightmare! I had just heated up a microwave meal (I usually cook fresh food- but sometimes-well you know the demands of time in this day and age) and the product description on the box was out of this world! It read “Quality, succulent, juicy sausages with a creamy, fluffy, buttery mash in a thick, rich, onion gravy.” There was even extra packaging just to fit all the words on!

I know what you’re thinking,,,, yes, the same as me!-Wows!!!-that sounds amazing! And all in 3 minutes and 30 seconds!!!

Oh how fooled I’d been. Tricked by a dark master wordsmith, an evil magician of the worst kind! A member of the advertising cult!! Suckered and lured in by a set of tantalizing words promising nirvana.

I heated and started to eat the meal, and well…my heart was crushed! My emotions sent spinning out of control and my taste buds had been totally offended! I think a better if not honest title for the microwave meal should have been ‘ slop!!’. But I guess that’s not how these guys make their money.

So please beware of words my brothers and sisters! There everywhere and more often than not used by the dark side to deceive us in all walks of life. And when using words yourself please use them wisely.

I hope you won’t suffer as much as I just have (I still ate the meal because I was starving but that’s not the point!)

Seriously, take care my lovely’s xxx and don’t believe everything you hear or read.

Mental Guru bloging off
Word up ya all!!

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