Word On The Streets

Hi ya all Mental Guru here x Have you ever wondered about the wonderful magic of words? A good word in the right place can do amazing things! Like saying I love you at just the perfect moment can take a heart and turn it into jelly or start eyes pooling with water. Just the […]

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I Love You

Yippee, It’s my favourite day of the year, Valentine’s Day. It’s also my birthday which makes it even more special. The Ashram postman (who doesn’t know it’s my birthday) thinks I am a living legend with all the cards I receive on Valentine’s Day and I have to say I have unashamedly done nothing to […]

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My Bloody Valantine !!

Happy wooden horse. Sri Twangy calling. Howard jones once asked me, “your holiness, what is love anyway, does anybody love anybody anyway?” I answered, “what’s love got to do with it?” Why, you may asks am I mentioning this here? Well that’s simple. In western tradition Saint Valentines day is coming up and I know […]

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Everybody Hurts Sometimes.

Namaste mes amigos. It is only I, Twangybanjo. Wishing you good thoughts and peaceful meditations. So it’s a little bit like catch up time after all the winter festivals. Phew!!! Ok I have had one knee done, hope you keeping up. And the other knee op is on the way. I must admit that it […]

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