Fool’s Gold

His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo, Mental Guru and myself can be very silly and even a bit sneaky at times but in order to enlighten or to bring ‘light in’ you have to get a little bit crazy sometimes.

Last week we really outshone our previous efforts, even if we do say so ourselves. We wanted to try and show the attendees at the Ashram how serious and intense they get sometimes and so we set up a treasure hunt. We even called it the Really Really Serious Treasure Hunt and so they all should have known that our tongues were planted firmly in our cheeks. But no, off they all went maps in hand, analyzing and scrutinsing and laboring over the clues that me, Mental G and His Holiness had written for them. (In truth we didn’t write them at all, they were song lyrics but their heads were so quickly up their own asses that they didn’t even realise).

Clue One came care of Duran Duran and simply read (I mean it ‘simply read’ and not Simply Red as in the ginger Mancunian Mick Hunknall) : The reflex is in charge of finding treasure in the dark and watching over lucky clover isn’t that bizarre? Every little thing the reflex does, leaves you answered with a question mark.

It became very competitive very quickly and the group soon separated into factions arguing and bickering amongst themselves. Oh how quickly the mind and ego descend into chaos!

Just to throw them off even more we placed all kinds of temptations beside each new clue. So next to Clue 2 there was a selection of fine ales and wines from all over the world – just what a good ascetic needs. Clue 3 had some of the most delicious cheeses that man can buy, including the now famous Moose Cheese from Sweden. By Clue 4 we had an array of classic board games including Monopoly, Operation and even His Holiness’ all time favourite Buckaroo!

Oh how we chuckled while the group agonized and pondered, tying themselves in all kinds of metaphorical knots. It astounded even us as to how serious and intense everybody took the task. Where was the humour? Where was the light and the joy?

Twelve hours later the first group staggered back to the finishing line at the Ashram hoping to find their pot of gold. What did they find? Myself, His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo and Mental Guru dressed in flared jeans, baggy t-shirts and bucket hats merrily dancing away to the mighty fine sound of The Stone Roses Fools Gold. Oh how we love a bit of irony.

By the time all the other groups had finished the treasure hunt and joined the party, the lesson and the message were well and truly received and great laughter and joy filled the Ashram until the morning sun came up and shone it’s light on the world for another splendid new day.

Peace. Om. Chaka Khan

Swami Cashinanda

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