Fool’s Gold

His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo, Mental Guru and myself can be very silly and even a bit sneaky at times but in order to enlighten or to bring ‘light in’ you have to get a little bit crazy sometimes. Last week we really outshone our previous efforts, even if we do say so ourselves. We wanted […]

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Silent Night

Happy Christmas to all of my Happy Christian friends. I hope you are enjoying a fun festive season. Christmas isn’t a big festival here in India but with 25 million Christians now living here it is fast becoming big ‘business’. Did you know that you poor, recession riddled people in the UK will spend £13 […]

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When I’m Sixty-Four.

Greeting! Sri Twangybanjo logging on. First of all, may we thank you for your likes and comments for the ‘Words Of Wisdom’ blogs. They have helped me maintain contact while I have been attending to my many duties at the ashram. Oh and coming to terms with some challenging news from our in-ashram doctor. It […]

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Read All About It 1

We are avid readers here at the Ashram and we have an exceptional library, which Mental Guru brilliantly designed and built for us with just a spoon and some wood – such is his incredible creative talent. Admittedly the purposely designed slanted shelves aren’t to everyone’s taste but the selection of cozy hammocks and the […]

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