Words Of Wisdom – Past


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It’s that time of year when people start to go a little crazy, dressing up outrageously and scaring the living daylights out of each other and that’s just for Mental Guru’s birthday party, Halloween is another story altogether. They don’t traditionally celebrate Halloween in India but it is catching on more and more each year. […]

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You Say It Best !!!

So Cashinanda tells me I am slipping with my blogs. “Get it out there,” he says.”Let people know you still there. Keep tickling!” He says. I say “say nothing if you really have nothing to say.” It’s a bit intense in the world at the moment. Keep your heads up and your heart open. Transition […]

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Keep On Running

The sun is coming up, the sky is a myriad of oranges and pinks and all around is the sensational smell of elephant poo. What could be better on this fresh morning than to lace up your trainers, pull on a string vest, snap your sweatbands on your wrist, a headband on your forehead and […]

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