Horse With No Name ( who are you.)

Hello to you all.

So, in a way this blog carries on from all the others I have I have err, posted. As they say in so many reality shows ” You decide.” !!!!!!

We are given a name!
We are given a nationality!
We are given a religion!
We are given a skin colour, we are given a culture, a belief, a Football team !!!!!
We are given a way of how we should feel.
We are given who we think we are!

So why in our deepest thoughts do we still ask: ‘who am I?’!!!!!!
Are you your house? So how come we move? Inside may reflect aspects of ourselves but the
bricks and mortar remain the same, unless we break down the walls. Maybe the body of who we
think we are, remains the same.

Are we a car? Without the driver it goes no where, I know there are remote control and computer
programs, but still a human driver.

Maybe the body is the same. Are you your arms? Are you your hands? Are you your legs, your feet? Are you even your mind???

So my brothers and sisters I ask you. ” Who is the MY?”

Deep stuff? Maybe. But we go through this every day. It’s part of the subconscious self speak guys! “Who am I? ” What’s my purpose in life?” “What am I supposed to do?”. AAAAAAAAARRRRRgh!!!!!!!!!!!

You are not a Nintendo. You are not the shops you use. You are not your relationships. They are all a projection of who you think you are how you think you should be and all the things you have been told you are!

Here’s the thing. You are who you are, it is what it is!

It really is down to you!! Make the change, choose your self speak.

Give yourself some love.

It will still rain at times but you will have changed how you see it.

When you are ready, you will so see what I mean.



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