Careless Whispers

Konnichiwa ne e, Sri Twangybanjo comin atchya.

Language is a funny old thing, even when we are speaking in our native tongues. How we speak and communicate with our fellow Earthians, I include all sentient beings here, can be a mine field at the best of times. It’s also one heck of a mind field!! We say something that we think is so simple and yet can be misunderstood and turn really complicated (or is that just me?) We shout, we gesticulate , we sometimes even panic in our frustration.

But, you know, how we speak to our selves or self speak as the professionals call it (go figure), is another ball game altogether! In our journey through this thing we call life, seeking happiness, success and connections, self speak is so important. How we communicate with ourselves about ourselves has more of an impact than most people are aware of. The thoughts and words we use and pay attention to in privacy of our own heads really does effect our behaviour in the ‘outer’ world. Being happy really is a state of mind. Our self speak is crucial to our growth and well being.

Each day we create between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts. Truly neuroscientist and psychologists have made many studies on this subject. Each thought is part of our inner script, our self speak. When linked to emotions these thoughts become more powerful. The thing is most of us do all of this subconsciously or even unconsciously.

Thoughts and words such as: don’t do this, can’t do that, life is too hard, I’m not good enough. These thoughts words and phrases impact so much on our abilities and success.

Each morning we wake up we start to set up the day. Each week, each month, each year. Well you do the math. Change your self speak, you change your world. Observe your thoughts. Become aware of the language you use inside and out!!!!!!! Make every day a wonderful and enriching experience. Become the meditation. Be nice to your self. We need it right now my Fellow journey men.

This is Sri Twangybanjo saying arigato and sayonara


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