Don’t Panic

Guys, Twangy here.

I do not need to tell you it’s a very intense experience at the moment here on spaceship
Earth. In these days of austerity, rising turmoil,price rises, World Cup qualifiers and conflict
at home and abroad:
: Syria, Egypt, Africa. Never mind the changes we go through individually.
I am often chided and questioned as to why I have so much faith in my fellow humans.
“How can you still have love and belief in the world, when there is still so much turmoil in the
world.” That’s the gist of the refrain. Er, give or take a few expletives.!!!!!!
They say ‘why’ and I say ‘why not?’ .

There does seem to be so much selfishness and greed . So much conflict and hate, so
much anxiety and fear. Panic not I say. Or as Douglas Addams says “DON’T PANIC! “.
If the only permanence in the universe is -EVERY THING IS TRANSIENT – then,
as the old scriptures speak, -THIS TOO WILL PASS- !!!!!!

This is why I still love and believe in who and what we are. If I am wrong ; so ? But if I
I am right!!!!!!!!

Politicians always have to justify and rationalise their words and actions. Religious
leaders always have their spin. Fear and anxiety are very powerful tools. Let them panic.
Let them play their games!!!!!!!!! So what can you do??????????!!!!

You have a voice , you have a choice. You have a heart you have a start. Let your heart be
open let it shine. We need it right now! It’s so easy to be dragged into the dark.
BE THE SPARK !!!!!!!!!!!!!
The one song begins with you. Sing and love my fellow Earthians. Take care of ALL the
people in front of you. Love begins at home and where there is love can real charity be to
far behind!!!!!!

If we can find the courage to look and accept our own predjudice and behaviour
we can and do change the song!!!!!!!

When you are ready you will so get what I am saying!!!!

May your heart respond. XXX
Much love. Sri Twangy . X


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