Careless Whispers

Konnichiwa ne e, Sri Twangybanjo comin atchya. Language is a funny old thing, even when we are speaking in our native tongues. How we speak and communicate with our fellow Earthians, I include all sentient beings here, can be a mine field at the best of times. It’s also one heck of a mind field!! […]

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Losing My Religion

Howdy doody Cosmic Cousins, It has been quite surprising to me the increasing number of people who have come to stay at the Ashram over the last five or ten years. Obviously the ‘Cosmic Clowns’ are in great demand and it is very satisfying that the word about our good work is spreading rapidly. It’s […]

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The more people I meet who pass through the Ashram the more I have come to believe that there is a hermit hiding in all of us. The irony is that everyone has an inner hermit trying to get out but then the inner hermit in them won’t get out because they are a hermit. […]

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Don’t Panic

Guys, Twangy here. I do not need to tell you it’s a very intense experience at the moment here on spaceship Earth. In these days of austerity, rising turmoil,price rises, World Cup qualifiers and conflict at home and abroad: : Syria, Egypt, Africa. Never mind the changes we go through individually. I am often chided […]

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