Sole Man

Hey there my cosmic colleagues,

Did you know that when I was younger I worked in a shoe recycling factory? It was sole destroying. No, I’m just kidding, it was really good.

Feet and footwear play a huge part historically in how we feel about ‘our soul’. It has been pointed out to me on numerous occasions that i’m asking for trouble when i put those two words so closely together but I’m afraid there is nothing i can do, when i need to talk about our ‘souls’, i need to talk about them. Get over it.

I used a foot related quote not so long ago in a Words Of Wisdom post, which you can see below again.


But there are so many other sayings that pervade our language all to do with feet and footwear. Below are just a few i can think of, please add your own in the comments box below the post:

Comfortable as an old shoe
Fill somebody else’s shoes
The shoe is on the other foot
Tough as old boots
Let the grass grow under your feet
Dead on your feet
Land on your feet
Swept off your feet
Get cold feet
Bow down at your feet

I will ask His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo to elucidate in a future blog post about the wonders of Reflexology. His Holiness has magic fingers and there is no feeling on the planet like letting him loose on your ‘plates of meat’ – as you say in the UK. But the fact that reflexology is still flourishing as a practice after thousands of years just shows how important the feet are to us.

His Holiness and Mental Guru are both lovers of going barefoot, although perhaps Mental Guru would be better described as bearfoot, after his Hobbit-like feet. But me, I’m a sole man. It’s sandals and flip flops all the way. On special occasions I do vouch for the socks and sandals look which i admire greatly from your Western tourists, it really is a very stylish look.

But you know we really need to take care of ‘our souls’. Let me just clarify that once again, I don’t mean we should provide prisoners with playstations and pizza deliveries, no, no, no. I mean we need to look after ‘our’ SOULS – through meditation, reading, learning and through living our lives with the greatest amount of joy possible whenever possible.

Our souls are beautiful deep down, regardless of what we may think about ourselves or how we have acted in the past. Our souls don’t judge us. Our souls don’t condemn us. Our souls love us unconditionally. We all are our souls.

Let us all try harder to nurture our souls and in doing so we inadvertently make the world a better place. Win. Win.

I know you got sole, dudes.

Peace. Om. Chaka Khan

Swami Cashinanda

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