Stayin Alive, A Ha Ha Ha……..


It’s only me, Sri Twangybanjo .

My last missive (Cashinanda tells me it’s called a blog) talked about change and perhaps the biggest change we experience DEATH, not allows a people pleaser that subject. Strange really as it happens to us all. None of us gets out alive. Oh, apart from some exceptions written about in the ancient scriptures. I did say in my last “blog” (yes thanks Cash) that I would talk a little more about it and how it taught me to be more alive and enjoy life more.

So here it is, please forgive me if I take the long, scenic route to our destination. I do hope you will follow me and enjoy the journey as much as I have and thankfully still do. I pray you will excuse the rambling and self indulgence of an old mystic. Perhaps amongst the waffle you may find the nuggets!!!!

I am now, apparently, His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo. It hasn’t always been the case!! Before I studied and gained my G.U.R.U. I was much like any small boy. I was and still am no big deal!!!!!!!! I grew up in the north of the country, the second son to a poor hard working itinerant family. Making do and getting by. My parents made the hard decision to send me to the Ashram. They obviously recognised some thing in me. Namely I ate a lot of food and they could gain money by renting out my room. It was a move that was to radically and amazingly change my whole being.

I came to the ashram with no expectations or ideas of the insights or experience I would gain (I did like the smells coming from the kitchens, am I bad?), the food was good…. bonus!!! My life and understanding of it was to change forever. My guru took me under her wing and agreed to teach me the ways of ‘stayin alive’. To this day I hold much respect and gratitude for her teachings.

The first of my teachings came when my Guru had me work in the ashram’s hospice. I was to learn from those brave souls who were about to take the greatest journey into the unknown. I had the honour and privilege of caring for and assisting my fellow human beings who were dying and not long for this part of existence. I was greatly moved and blessed with being a part of their great transition. We sang, we laughed and we cried. It taught me so much about the gift and magic of being alive. It became so evident that death is just another beginning.

Thanks to my teachers I very quickly gained my first degree G.U.R.U. (General Universal Rules Unvailed). I am proud to hold this honour and wish for you all to gain yours. Next time I may relate how I earned my S.R.I.

Thank you for indulging my waffling, I have so much more to share with you.

Till next time, adios mes amigos.

Sri Twangybanjo. G.U.R.U.


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