Use Your Illusion

Hello my fellow galactic journeymen,

Do you know I have been feeling very disillusioned recently? I am disillusioned about my whole life. My friends, my family, my work, god, even the Ashram.

Isn’t that just the best news ever?

I bet you think I am going a bit mad by saying that?

Well let me explain. What truly could be better than seeing through the illusions that keep us from knowing our true selves? Well isn’t that what being disillusioned is about, the dis-enchantment or debunking of the things we believe to be real? Illusions are like an onion though, not only can they stink like mad and make you cry but once you peel off one layer then there is always another layer of truth to reveal and they make your breath smell really, really bad??!!

So for example let’s just say that someone I know wants to be a Ballroom dancer. He has harboured this secretly for years and years. He practices every night in his room at his ashram (if hypothetically he lived on one). He has hand-made a wardrobe full of tight, lycra costumes that he tries on while he dances with his shadow, all alone in his bedroom mirror. Would this person be better or happier to live under the illusion that he could finally make it as a World Class Ballroom Dancer and build all his hopes and dreams on making it professionally, when the truth is that he sadly, but realistically, has less coordination than a drunken wasp? Or would ‘this person’ benefit more from a realistic understanding of his lack of ability and a potential career in this field and concentrate on another career path, whilst still enjoying just simply dancing, alone in his mirror, in his lycra outfits? Please post your comments below and I will pass them on to my ‘friend’.

It’s never easy to have your illusions shattered. It can hurt like mad, depending on how invested we were in the illusion but once you can overcome that feeling then it starts to feel good.

So for those reasons I couldn’t be happier right now. I am seeing through all of the illusions and the result of doing that is greater freedom. But it is a never-ending process, there is always another level we can peel away. You are also probably asking how do we begin to see through these illusions in the first place. Isn’t the sneakiness of illusions that we don’t actually realise they are illusions at all?

Well it takes both brutal honesty and a whole load of compassion and non-judgement at whatever we see or experience about ourselves. You can’t judge the illusions because on some level you set them up in the first place and so judging them only serves to perpetuate their hold over you. You also need some damn good friends who are prepared to tell it you as it is and not allow you to get away with ‘believing the hype’. His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo has helped me burst a few thousand illusions over the years, he is a true master at it and I owe him dearly for that. Mental Guru on the other hand, possibly misunderstanding my thoughts on this, has decided to actually become a disillusioned illusionist. He says his first trick is going to be to cut himself in half and then put himself back together again, before a live audience.

Watch. This. Space.

Until next time dudes, I’m off to peel some onions now. No, no real onions I mean. Not metaphoric onions. I’m in charge of making the coleslaw tonight.

Peace. Om. Chaka Khan

Swami Cashinanda

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