Everything Changes But Who?

Namaste mes amigos,

So! I have been sitting and contemplating, watching the wheels go round and round, (Thank you Johnny L), and the prayer wheels keep clacking and spinning . The Mental Guru loves that .

I have been pondering, pensively what to write. To blog or not to blog, that is the question! It has been since Cashinanda set this up in the first place. Sometimes Cash and MG have so much to get off their chest I leave them to it. What ever happened to quill and parchment? What happened to eye to eye, ear to ear, heart to heart?

Any hoo mon braves, this all go to show that THINGS CHANGE! And the can change so quickly. One universal truth is ….. THE ONLY PERMANENCE IN THE UNIVERSE IS…………. EVERYTHING IS TRANSIENT!!!!!!

It all changes. You change, Wagon Wheels and Mars bars have changed!!!!!

I was in Tokyo, Japan when the quake and tsunami hit, the change was palpable, the air changed, the birds changed, the people changed. I felt the earth move beneath my feet!

I was in China and Tibet when the earth shook again (no it wasn’t me. I am good but not that good!). China has just been hit again by powerful tremors. Is it, we reap what we sow or is it just that the earth is changing?

When I was a young boy, a mini Sri if you will, we had long summers, time seemed to drag sometimes. Now I am hearing youngsters, children even, talking about how it’s all going so quickly!!!!! It’s all changing and we cannot stop the change, oh and I know how much we try!!!!!!!!!

We have creams and dreams, potions and lotions, prayers and sayers! We have medicine and make believe meditation, shaman and sages!!! We even now have stem cells and cloning. We end up being the clown but with no laughs!! Please believe me my darlings this will not change ‘change,’ only the illusion that we are. That’s not what being alive is about. How do I know this? Because none of us gets out alive !

Ahh ,so there’s the rub, we back off from living fully coz we are so frightened of change. And the biggest change we fear is…..Death! There I’ve said it. The great meditation!!!! We fear it, we fight it and yet is such an important part of being alive.

Like meditation there is so much more I could say, so much that I may be able to relate to you my fellow travellers. Ask and you shall receive. I wish to tickle and intrigue. I wish to prick your curiosity and willingness to learn. To blog or not to blog? Maybe next time I will talk about my time gaining my G.U.R.U working in the ashrams hospice.

Thank you for reading. Many blessings . Cowabunga.

Sri twangy banjo.


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