No Body Does It Better

Greetings again my fellow journeyers of the universe.

My good friend Swami Cashinanda got himself in to a bit of a tizzy the other day. I have told him about that black coffee he drinks. He is not the kind of guru to mince his words is our Cash. Sometimes, like all of us humans, my good self included, we forget about the first skill of a seeker of truth……….Patience!

Without it we are no more than Id’s on a stick, ego dopes on a rope.

Without patience we become all instinct and no intuition. It is in the quietness of patience that we may learn much from our inner tutor. It is in the silence of patience that we learn to observe our breath and thus our thoughts.

Swami Cashnanda was quite correct about our need to communicate but as much with ourselves as with others. This world we live in, the world in which we are all co- creators, has so quickly become a fast fairground of distractions, diversions and displacement. We poke and tweet but are we missing the sweet treat of our own being, our true aliveness. A peace of mind that patience brings.

Like all meditations, patience comes with practice.

Without patience we lose our sense of belonging that no amount of networking, Facebooking and the likes can ever bring . Hence the sense of isolation that is so tangible right now. We are losing our sense of profundity. We are fast forgetting our sense of humour.

You know what has helped me with patience? The feckin Internet. Learning to tweet! And what is a Bebo. As for Facebook!!!!!

Embrace, take a breath and let it go.

Thank you for listening, thank you for your discernment . Thank you for your laughter.

In a while alligators. Laters !

Sri Twangybanjo


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