It’s Only Words?

Aloha my fellow Terrans.

The Brothers Gibb sang “It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away!”
Words can and do confuse, zonal, koan, parables! Mara, Tara, samsara, wampum, quantum, miracles!!!!!

Words allow us and encourage us to be special, to be elite. Words confuse and bedazzle. Tags, labels, epithets, titles!!! Like the sound of that??? Sir this, Mr that!

What has happened with observation and discernment of action? We all have examples in our lives when people have said this and then done that!!!

Words can lie folks, books can tease, blogs can tickle. They can all add to the befuddlement . We give so much away depending on who is suggesting or, may I say interpreting.

Actions on the other hand speak volumes, for all the clever words we write and express as truths. Gurus beware!!!!

The fruits of our actions speak louder still!!!

Look to your fruits my friends and the seeds they bring.

Ta Ta for now, your farmer friend.

Sri TwangyB.


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