The Tears Of A Clown

Hello my fellow seekers of the self.

Oh and all Smokey Robinson fans.

We all at times play the clown but let’s face it some of use are funnier than others. Big deal, get over it! Some are born to cool, some are born to clean, some are born to ….well you choose! I jest! We are all born numpty’s and numpty’s is all we are.

Learn to laugh, learn to live , learn to be happier…

Two cannibals are eating a clown and one says to the other, “Does your food taste funny?”

Truth is found within the joke of who we think we are. Who is it that you think you are? And why do you think that, do you even know?

Before I became a cosmic clown I had so many ideas about who I was and how I should be. Boy did that hurt!!! You bet it did ! Supporting Everton FC ain’t always been easy. Sorry I digress.

I have a saying that I repeat often to my students, well they do say comedy is in the repetition! ” If you cannot cry freely how are you going to laugh freely?”!!!

If you can learn to laugh with and at yourself, you will find a new freedom. Less and less people will be able to press your buttons and therefore ‘wind you up’!

Tears are away to clean way the past and pain and perhaps create a space for being creative but only if we are open enough to be honest with our tears. Ha but that’s another ball game!!!!!! We may come back to that my fellow seekers of divine comedy.

Till next time

Twangy over and out.


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