Words Of Wisdom – Team


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I Me Mine

The other day I stumbled into a discussion between a few young disciples. Prior to the start of a meditation class, several of the youngsters were squabbling over where they were going to sit and who was going to use the cushions or the meditation stools. I said to them, “Wooah there dudes. Take a […]

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Time For Something New

Hi all – and that includes you! (Especially you) (whoever you are). It’s time I wrote another blog considering I have time on my hands and I’ve got nothing else to do with my time. I was harvesting some awesome new life forms through cultures that I’d been growing with spittle, Aubergine cake and other […]

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Weather Report

Doesn’t the Summer make you feel good? Just a little sunshine and everything seems so much better. I believe from my good friends in the UK, that you are experiencing some glorious sunshine and most of you are enjoying it very much. This is the time of year when you turn into the ‘lobster people’. […]

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