Psychometric Likeability

Hi Dudearoneys!!

So I found this blanket which folded up pretty nice and made a good cushion (Twango & Cash confiscated mine!). My next move was attempting to sneak into the meditation room, which turned out to be easy because Twango was busy running a class in the kitchens on how to make the perfect cuppa tea and Cash was helping out. (Always brewing something up those two!)

I stealthily slipped into the meditation room, thinking I could get a few hours sit time in the Cosmos. On entry however I discovered Sandra, a beautifully plump lady, already sitting in meditation. Sobbing and wailing.

She noticed me enter, though I was doing my best ninja moves, and started wiping her eyes dry. No need to do that I told her, I often cry when in the bliss of the universe, it’s wonderful.

Anyhow – she burst into tears again. “Yep” I said, “that’s what it’s all about”.

“No” she choked “it’s not that. I did a psychometric test the other week and the results showed up a whole load of issue’s I need to deal with and since then I’ve been meditating, looking for answers to my problems, but I keep finding more issue’s!!”.

I was like “Whoa!. What you doing man!” (Which wasn’t cool cos she’s a lady)

“Seriously” I said. “You’re spending a lot of time trying to find negatives about yourself, then wasting energy working on fixing those problems. You can live your whole life like that and still not solve a pinch of them. No, no no that will never do. Forget the negs and work on the positives, work on smiling more often and find the likeability issue’s and what’s more stop doing those tests with the big words that I can’t pronounce-iate, they’re designed to find faults.”

She just stared at me for a while. Then gave me a big smile. “Now your working it” I said.

Just then Cashie Whasie walked in saying “Ah, thought I’d find you in here – Sri Twangebanjo said could you possibly take some time out from sitting around on comfy things and wash up the tea cups in the kitchen. There’s about a 100 of them”.

Be positive in front of Sandra I thought, so I said “ok, I’ll get right on it, I wanted to give my hands a thorough scrub anyhow”

See you’s soon (with totally clean nails!)

Mental Guru

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