Every Breath You Take

Ola my Twangymeisters. I have been away for a short while attending a guru / swami convention. Yes we do have them. They are a little like Star Trek meets but with the real universe. Not much is actually voiced. We sit, we hum, we think about Om! Maybe we will compare cushions and incense. […]

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Psychometric Likeability

Hi Dudearoneys!! So I found this blanket which folded up pretty nice and made a good cushion (Twango & Cash confiscated mine!). My next move was attempting to sneak into the meditation room, which turned out to be easy because Twango was busy running a class in the kitchens on how to make the perfect […]

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A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Hellloooooo comrades. Mental Guru here again. Twango and Cash have been on my case again – told me I need to do more blogs. I said I’ve already done one and I thought that was all I needed to do. But apparently it’s an ongoing venture and I’ll have to write at least two or […]

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