You Say You Want A Revelation!


Greeting my Banjopeeps.

I was sitting on my meditation mat the other day when my mind took me back to the time the quarrymen came to stay. I thought they had come to fix my walls but no, they were, apparently, an up and coming ‘pop combo’. I seem to remember they became The Rolling Stones when they grew up.

Any hoo, there we were sipping Tai Cha, with a little Yaks butter (a little recipe I picked up from the Dairy Llama) when John turned to me and asked me about the Universe and truth and stuff. So I said to him “you say you want a revolution well ell you know, we all want to change the World.”

So we drank more Cha and chatted about how to bring about changes in the world by starting with ourselves. You have to go in to get out!!!!!!

The world we see around us is just a perception of our own thoughts and conditioning. By changing our perceptions we we change the world.

Sing and dance, play and laugh.

Till next time

Twangybanjoy. Bliss out.

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