No Hiding Place

Greetings fellow space travellers!!

Mental Guru signing in on the happy starship -The One Song- as it travels through cyber space at speeds unimaginable…….. Yippey!

So Twango and Cash had words with me. Said I should try this blog thing’ey.

Stop hiding away in the ashram’s meditation room, saying nothing and doing nowt they said. Sat there all day crossed legged with a numb bum.

I’m not hiding, I argued…… I’m out there – I mean really out there! – at one with the Universe, a part of everything!!

They weren’t wearing it though and countered I was actually APART from everything.

Clever with words those two!

Never trust a pair of cops I said.

The only one who’s a cop they retaliated is you! – your COPPING out.

There you go again, clever with words!

So I -ACQUIESCED- which I thought was a good word even if I do say so myself.

Gonna miss my cushion tho!

Safe journey my cosmos buddy’s.

Speak soon…….

Mental Guru x

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