Soul Food

I’m really pleased to report that my Present Moment Awareness course went down very well last weekend, although some people said it wasn’t as good as last years! Rather more disconcertingly lots of other people were asking if I will be doing one again next year, which kind of made me feel that perhaps none of them had got the gist of it properly in the first place.

I also had a really positive response to my recent Wait Loss and Instant Patience posts on the OneSong blog and lots of people are asking for more information on them. I’m glad that lots of you are interested in this but remember it isn’t all about having the perfect Bodhi, there is more to life, so remember that.

There are so many different levels to the Wait Loss programme but perhaps John Lennon simplified it best when he pleaded with us all back in the Sixties to “Give Pizza Chance”. Wise words John, wise words.

Now, back in the day I tried to convince John’s fellow Beatle Paul McCartney to give up on his vegetarianism. We argued about this endlessly and I just kept on telling him, “Paul, I’m a lover not a fighter but this vegetarianism is just a big missed steak.” He wouldn’t listen to me at all and because of that where is he now?………Exactly.

Some of the best advice I give people who want to engage in my Wait Loss programme is that patience is key. In order to lose weight you have to wait. Also you have to relish all the facts of the programme and put it into practice yourself, don’t try currying favour with me.

You have to do the work.

It will take discipline.

Coffee is banned for a start and while drinking coffee can certainly have it’s perks, drinking too much coffee can cause a latte problems.

Some of the Key Modules on the course can be quite challenging and intense. In particular the Primal Cream Therapy. This is very messy but extremely powerful stuff. I haven’t had one student yet who found that after the course no change had a curd.

Not quite as intense but very good is the Pasta Life Regression. This is a separate module run by an old Italian Priest, Gino Dewayhome. He really is the master Pastor of pasta. He told a story that once when he was peeling potatoes in the kitchen at the monastery where he was ordained, a young student came in and asked him, “Excuse me, are you the Friar?” to which he sheepishly answered, “Sorry no, I’m the chip monk.” That’s Gino for you, he’s a real card.

If all the above whet’s your appetite then that’s great. Keep following the blog for further information on the Wait Loss and Instant Patience courses. When exactly…….well you will just have to WAIT or is that WEIGHT?

Remember good things come to he who weights.

Peace. Om. Chaka Khan.

Swami Cashinanda

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