Lay Lady Lay

I had a visit recently from a very famous celebrity. Confidentiality and respect mean I can’t tell you who she is but for storytelling purposes I will give her a name, so I’m going to call her Kate Mosh. ‘Kate’ came to me to try and help her overcome a very serious sleep disorder she […]

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Truth Ache

The local dentist came to visit the ashram yesterday. It’s the day we fear each year. Yes even wise, old Swamis still have their fears and apprehensions you know. His Holiness Sri Twangybanjo is just terrible with the dentist. He says he has a really bad gag reflex. You should hear some of the gags […]

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No Hiding Place

Greetings fellow space travellers!! Mental Guru signing in on the happy starship -The One Song- as it travels through cyber space at speeds unimaginable…….. Yippey! So Twango and Cash had words with me. Said I should try this blog thing’ey. Stop hiding away in the ashram’s meditation room, saying nothing and doing nowt they said. […]

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Soul Food

I’m really pleased to report that my Present Moment Awareness course went down very well last weekend, although some people said it wasn’t as good as last years! Rather more disconcertingly lots of other people were asking if I will be doing one again next year, which kind of made me feel that perhaps none […]

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