Ask Swami Part 1

Hey there fellow space travellers,

How is it hanging? For me today it is hanging to the left but that could be because I am wearing no underwear.

I have been inundated with letters and emails asking me all kinds of questions and so I thought I would answer them and share my incredible insight with everybody.

First I would like to say in answer to Debbie from Florida in the USA, I tend to use shampoo, then conditioner and then shampoo once again. Every other week I use a special hot oil treatment and I just let it dry naturally. Hope that helps Debbie.

The next question comes all the way from Derek in the UK and reads ‘Dear Swami, I have been wondering why many spiritual people throughout time have had moustaches? Why is this?’

Good question Derek. I often wondered this too and so some years back I grew a big, thick, bushy moustache to try and see. Ironically for me this moustache coincided with an almighty fall from grace and a dark and disturbing period of my life which I would rather forget. My return to glory seemed to also coincide with the shaving off of said ‘tash’.

I took this question to the very toppermost and asked his holiness, The Honourable Sri Twangybanjo, his answer to me was quite clear, he said ‘they can’t be arsed shaving’. I think that is conclusive enough. Hope that helps you Derek.

My next question comes from Cold and Lonely in Sweden. He says he feels that he has some very bad Karma and wonders if it could be from a past life.

Well Cold and Lonely, I have to say that there is an awful lot of theory on past lives and also on bad karma but for me it all just gets a little heavy. Even if you were an axe murderer in the Seventeenth Century or the Queen Of Sheba in another life, what are you going to do about it now? None of that stuff can help you in this moment and so the best thing you can do is be Cold and Lonely right here and right now. I will talk more on the Karmic Footprint in another post but let me just say this as a word of advice: keep your feet clean and try to wear socks wherever possible (metaphorically speaking of course), avoid Athletes Foot it is a bugger (metaphorically speaking again).

I hope to answer more questions later in the week and so keep them coming.

Peace. Om. Chaka Khan.

Swami Cashinanda

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